Peter Lamas Chinese Herbs System Launches


Nearly 80 million men and women across America deal with the effects of hereditary hair loss, including premature balding and thinning hair. In a landscape of chemically-driven formulas and costly, painful procedures for hair re-growth, Lamas Beauty presents a natural, effective solution that targets both the hair follicle and scalp: The Peter Lamas Chinese Herbs system.

The kit covers all of your hair product needs with a shampoo, conditioner, serum, mist and styling cream. Firmly rooted in its natural philosophy, the experts at Lamas Beauty turned to centuries-old, time-tested Chinese herbs to create this new collection. The all natural formulas incorporate traditional herbs such as Swertia Extract to aid in hair and scalp health, Peach Seed Extract to promote growth for receding hairlines and frontal baldness and Polygonum Multiforum Extract which has been used by Chinese doctors for centuries to treat thinning hair.

Based on the latest scientific research the Peter Lamas Chinese Herbs collection targets not only the hair follicle, but the scalp as well. The proprietary formulation also alleviates dandruff and itchiness, removes hair follicle-blocking oils and clears the DHT buildup that can slow hair growth and even lead to premature hair loss.

The products will be available at “Beautiful Planet,” Macy’s first natural beauty section where Peter Lamas Beauty is one of only a few select eco-friendly brands represented. Peter will be on-hand to discuss the natural product industry and how to incorporate safe, healthy natural products into your everyday beauty regimen. Below are the dates and locations to see Peter:

• April 23, 12-4PM, Macy’s Boston (Boston, MA)
• April 24, 4-8PM, Macy’s Herald Square (New York, NY)
• April 25, 12-4PM, Macy’s Roosevelt Field (Garden City, NY)
• May 1, 12-4PM, Macy’s Water Tower (Chicago, IL)

• May 2, 12-4PM, Macy’s Old Orchard (Skokie, IL)

After the Macy’s launch, products will be available for $20 – $45 at