The Party-Hopping Brant Brothers Are Now Makeup Moguls, Too

Rachel Krause


Tracking the lives of Peter and Harry Brant, the young, socially adept sons of supermodel Stephanie Seymour and art collector/businessman/billionaire Peter Brant, pretty much defines the intersection of utter ridiculousness and guilty pleasure voyeurism. Genetically superior and perpetually flanked by a gaggle of famous friends (they love models), if unabashed displays of wealth, social status, and nepotism tend to put you off, you might want to look away.

This week, the Brant brothers are making non-Page Six headlines, and this time it’s not for Peter Brant Jr. kissing his mom on the mouth in St. Barts. (Yes, it was completely innocent, and yes, Peter Jr. responded to the public disgust by sharing that, because he’s openly gay, his relationship with his mother may indeed be a bit different than most.) The boys have never been shy about their love of style and beauty, and now they’re taking that interest to the mainstream with a MAC collaboration.

A curated collection of their favorite, most-used products—a brow finisher, a cream base, and a concealer palette—will be available online starting today. These choices make sense: the two are never seen without dark, impeccably groomed brows and skin so perfect it’s ethereal. More interesting still, though it’s unconfirmed as of yet, this may be the very first MAC collection targeted specifically toward men. Maybe it’s time we stop thinking of Peter and Harry as the picture of American excess and instead as the new guard changing the social landscape, one exclusive fĂŞte at a time.

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