Find the Perfect Eyebrow Shape Based on Your Haircut

Shannon Farrell
Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence—bold brows for a bolder cut.
Photo: Getty Images

We all know when choosing an eyebrow shape, the most important thing to keep in mind is the shape of your face. But it isn’t the only thing. Your haircut also makes a big difference. So if you’re playing with the idea of switching up your hair to celebrate the new year, also remember that your brows will need a little tweaking as well. Noemi Grupenmager, the CEO and founder of Uni K Wax Centersgave us some tips on finding the right brow for your haircut. 

Going Short
Everyone’s going short these days—Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Hudson, Pamela Anderson—so why not give it a try? But you may need to amp up the brows. “How the eyebrows are shaped plays an important role in highlighting the frame of the face, especially with short hairstylesA more dramatic brow will intensify features, and a well sculpted arch will accentuate and complement the face.”

Adding Bangs
“As for a person with bangs, they generally do not need to further consider the shape of their brow.” Instead the brows should be softer to create a balance with the hair. “To assist with the softer look, a valuable tip is to match the color of the brows as close as possible to the color of the bangs.”

Keeping it Long
Unless you have dramatic layers, feel free to play up the brows. With long hair, you have a clear canvas to do whatever you want. If your hair is blonde, go darker on the brows to highlight the contrast. For dark haired gals, go a shade or two lighter to make your eyes really pop.

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