Date Night Beauty Essentials: What to Wear to 8 Different Occasions

Date Night Beauty Essentials: What to Wear to 8 Different Occasions
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Aside from the basics — finding the perfect guy (or girl) to go on a date with and having the courage to actually make the date — deciding what makeup will top off your look can be just as difficult. With all of the different types of dates people are going on these days, the beauty department can vary depending on where you’re going.  No need to stress about your hair, makeup, and nails any longer, here’s a guide to what you should wear for the perfect date look:

Movie Date: If he takes you out to a movie, keep the mood — as well as the makeup — light. For your hair, keep it simple. Try a fun braid!

Concert Date:  One of our favorite summer traditions is hitting up the concert scene.  Whether it’s inside or outside, doo-wop or dubstep, keep your look fun and effortless.  Try loose waves and add a fun floral wreath or turban.  Keep your makeup light, because you’ll most likely be sweating it off while you’re dancing.

Dinner Date:  When getting ready for a dinner date, depending on where you’re going (which is hopefully somewhere remotely above average), go for a look that’s a bit more alluring than your ordinary day-to-day makeup.  Try a darker eye palette, but make sure that you don’t overpower your natural beauty when applying and blending.  If you decide to go for the dark eye, you can go two ways:  opt for a bold lip, or keep it neutral to contrast what’s on your eyes.  It all depends on what your skin tone is (and what your mood is!).  As for hair, try romantic curls.  Oh, and don’t forget to give yourself a quick mani, because this is a setting where your hands will be exposed at all times.

Coffee Date:  This can be one of the most confusing types of dates out there — the kind where you’re not sure if you’re still friends or if you’re more than that.  They key here is to keep it simple, from your outfit to your makeup.  Wear the makeup that you would normally wear on a daily basis.  For your hands and feet, try an interesting, new color.  When guys get desperate for conversation, they’ll talk about anything, even the color of your freshly painted nails! Also, a great headband or turban makes for a good conversation starter as well.

Adventurous Date:  If you’re the type that loves to go hiking or workout for a date, try a sock bun or slicked back pony.  Add a fun headband to keep your hair out of your face and keep your makeup minimal:  mascara, and some sunscreen are the only essentials for this type of date.

Pool/Beach Date:  After you’re done stressing out over which swimsuit makes you look the thinnest, there’s no need to worry about what makeup you need to douse on your face because it’ll come right off once you get in the water.  If anything put on a light bronzer, waterproof mascara, and of course, sunscreen!

Wedding Date:  Ah, our favorite kind of date! Love is already in the air here. Try a light pink lip with similar nail polish — it’s the little details that matter on this day.  Keep your eye makeup light as well.  This is a happy occasion, so keep your makeup fun and flirty!  You can’t go wrong with your hair in a good updo, or down and curled.  Just remember, you’ll be in that couple’s wedding album forever.

Brunch Date: A delicious Sunday brunch with your girlfriends is the perfect way to top off a fun-filled weekend, or prepare for a work-filled week.  Don’t try too hard because, after all, brunch usually occurs right after you wake up after a long night out. Go for a brown eye liner, a tinted moisturizer, light mascara, and clear lip gloss.

Although these are all important things to remember, just keep in mind that your date should be the first thing on your mind, aside from appearance.  Even if you don’t have the perfect beauty accessories or makeup, it’s okay — at the end of the day it’s what’s on the inside that matters.  Corny?  Yes. True? Absolutely.

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Movie Date:  With this palette from Buxom your date's eyes will be on you, and not so much the movie. (Sephora, $36)

Concert Date:  A floral headband is the perfect way to top off your look, especially when going to a concert. (Urban Outfitters, $24)

Coffee Date:  You can tell him or her that your interested without even talking!  This OPI nail polish will surely get the conversation started. (

Dinner Date:  Make your eyes pop with these fake lashes from Sephora. (Sephora, $8)

Adventure Date:  Keep your skin safe with this sunblock from Neutrogena.  Your date will appreciate your efforts of keeping your skin forever young.  (Neutrogena, $10)

Pool/Beach Date:  This mascara from Urban Decay has a fitting name and will save you from having streaks running down your face after you get in the water! (Urban Decay, $20)

Wedding Date:  To achieve the perfect romantic waves, try a curling iron without a clamp, like this one from Conair. (Walgreens, $27)

Brunch Date:  Keep it simple with this gloss from Illamasqua. (Sephora, $20)

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