Secret Beauty Ingredient: Peppermint

Augusta Falletta
Secret Beauty Ingredient: Peppermint
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We often purchase beauty products because of the pull quotes on the front of the packages touting the seemingly impossible results. Unless you’re especially thorough, you skip the ingredients list on the back of the package – a crucial mistake made by many. “Secret Beauty Ingredient” is our way of finding those beauty ingredients that are becoming staples in the beauty world, or sometimes even better – beauty breakthroughs.

Plenty of us take in peppermint on a daily basis (or at least the gum chewers of the world do), but there’s plenty that the minty ingredient can do for you besides freshen up your breath. In oil form, peppermint is a fantastic moisturizer, plus it can normalize your body’s natural oil production on your skin and scalp. When it comes to the skin, peppermint helps to increase blood flow, working to brighten and even out skin tone.

It should come as no shock that peppermint works as an amazing ingredient in beauty products. Above, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite mint-infused items so you can start seeing the benefits!

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A stimulating cleanser that works especially well if you load up on the hair products, this tonic shampoo from Bumble and bumble will leave your scalp feeling fresh and invigorated. 

Bumble and bumble Tonic Shampoo, $24,

The only thing that feels better than fresh, exfoliated skin is skin that also tingles. One use of this exfoliator from Bliss and you'll feel like a new woman, partly due to the peppermint on your skin and partly due to the jojoba beads that buff away dull skin. 

Bliss Super Minty Soap 'N Scrub, $32,

When a dermatologist formulates a product for your hair, you know your scalp is going to feel amazing. Combining scalp stimulation and nourishment of the hair follicle, this conditioner from Dr. Dennis Gross is a must. 

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Root Resilience Nourishing Scalp Conditioner, $38,

Besides the fact that this oil will give you the smoothest skin of your life, it also works to firm up skin. Bikini season, anyone? 

L'Occitane Almond Firming and Softening Supple Skin Oil, $42,

This cream brings gentle dermabrasion to your skin for a smoothing effect that's anything but harsh. Perfect for sensitive faces, use this to shrink fine lines and pores. 

Origins Modern Friction Nature's Gentle Dermabrasion, $39.50,

Not only does this lip balm give you some seriously smooth lips, it also leaves you with a refreshing minty kick. 

Ardency Inn BOOM BASE Lip Balm & Base, $24,

Soap & Glory's firming products may sound a bit out there, but these things seriously work. Get ready to tingle your way to a bikini body with this formula, which uses peppermint as a main ingredient. 

Soap & Glory The Firminator Special Bikini Body Formula, $36,

Take a few days off from shampooing your hair and use this amazing peppermint-infused dry shampoo instead. Ladies with curls, this product is espeically great for you, because it's formulated to keep your texture in tact while absorbing excess oil at the same time. 

DevaCurl No-Poo Quick Cleanser, $20,

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