20 Weirdly Satisfying Videos of People Applying Liquid Lipstick

20 Weirdly Satisfying Videos of People Applying Liquid Lipstick
Photo: ImaxTree

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If you’ve ever accidentally spent two hours watching makeup tutorials on Instagram in a full-out trance, you know how addicting it can be to watch strangers apply their makeup. And recently, we’ve noticed a new trend in tutorials: insanely satisfying liquid-lipstick videos that border on sensual. No, seriously. We’re talkin’ close-up shots of plush and pillow-y (hey, there’s literally no other word that can be used to describe these) lips getting covered in creamy lipstick. And weirdly, they’re absolutely mesmerizing.

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We’re sure a psychologist could aptly explain why watching lips getting stroked by a liquid-lipstick wand is so satisfying to watch, but whatever the reason, we’re hooked. And if you don’t already follow a thousand makeup artists on Instagram like we do, you’re probably missing out. So to get you started on your new-favorite vice, we rounded up 20 of the most-mesmerizing liquid-lipstick videos that will tickle your brain as you watch. Scroll down to see the lineup, and don’t say we didn’t warn you.

1. Holy bananas.


2. So damn smooth.


3. What. This should be rated R.

4. Magical lip contouring?!


5. Two-toned brilliance.


6. Like melting butter.

7. OK, but this is perfection.


3. OK, this is practically NSFW.


9. This can’t be real.


10. Gah, BLUE.


11. Metallic green and red!? Yup.


12. It’s like a pumpkin spice lip latte.


13. OMG.


14. Such. Plump. Lips.


15. Flawless AF.


16. Holy lip arches, Batman.


17. That fade, though.


18. The nudest nude.


19. Deepest plum.