Peep Kreayshawn & Natasha Poly’s Crazy Fall Beauty Looks!


When push comes to shove, the September issues are really all about the fashion, but two images from recently released fall mags caught my attention today that feature some of the wackiest (and most awesome) beauty looks I’ve seen in a very long time. The first comes from the perpetually rad i-D magazine, which chose Oakland rapper Kreayshawn as one of its pre-fall cover girls. The girl who’s known for her anti-fashion anthem “Gucci Gucci” sports multi-colored leopard print nails that I am dying to copy, and some false lashes sprinkled with star confetti. Looks like that could be dangerous to the corneas, but beauty is pain, people!

138534 1313005303 Peep Kreayshawn & Natasha Polys Crazy Fall Beauty Looks!

The next comes from Vogue Russia’s September issue, and Natasha Poly rocks some eyeliner that is part KISS stage makeup and part evil comic book villian. I’m not sure that I’d try this out for any occasion other than Halloween, but you have to admit, it’s pretty damn cool.

Would you attempt either of these cray cray beauty looks?

Kreayshawn photo: George Harvey; Natasha Poly photo: Hedi Slimane

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