Pedicure Boots: Yes, They Exist

Amanda Elser

As a beauty editor, my biggest beauty woe has always been smudging my freshly painted manicures and pedicures on my way out of the salon. It’s like I have a curse that follows me around and no matter how many times I sit under the drying lights, I will inevitably ruin my nails while trying to open a door or button my coat. But there is hope yet for my poor, poor pedicure which always seems to suffer the worst fate when forced inside a pair of closed-toe shoes for the trek home.

Ladies, I introduce to you Bootie Pies: “The pedicure boots for posh toes.” Yes, I admit it sounds a little silly, but what would you rather do — throw 20 bucks down the drain or keep your nails smudge-free and your feet toasty at the same time? (Hint: Your choice should be obvious)

Bootie Pies aresuede boots withfaux sheepskin lining and patent leather toe, which presses down when it is time to polish and have been seen on celebs likeScarlett Johansson, Rebecca Romjin and Jennifer Hudson.

They are great for a quick trip to the nail salon since they cut down on drying time, or as a back up pair of flats to store in the office. Slightly more high fashion than everyone’s favorite sheepskin UGG boot, we recommend investing in a pair instead of attempting to wear those plastic flip-flops on the subway again.

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