Shoppers Call This Retinol Balm ‘Botox on a Stick’ For How Fast It Works on Wrinkles—& It’s on Sale For Under $20 For Hours More

Summer Cartwright
Shoppers Call This Retinol Balm ‘Botox on a Stick’ For How Fast It Works on Wrinkles—& It’s on Sale For Under $20 For Hours More
Photo: Peace Out Skincare.

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There comes a time in every person’s life when they wake up one morning and seriously consider getting botox. This occasion happens for me every few months, but then I talk myself down. Not because there’s anything wrong with the procedure, but because there are some needle-free alternatives that produce similar results (especially when you commit to using them for a while). One of those products I’m talking about is Peace Out Skincare’s retinol eye stick.

The easy-to-use balm is heralded as one of the best anti-aging products on the market—it’s so good that shoppers have dubbed it “botox on a stick.” There’s no better time to grab one than today because the bestseller just restocked and it’s marked down (alongside everything else on the site) during the brand’s Presidents’ Day sale. Its price is dropping from $28 to $20, so scoop up the stick before it sells out again and while it still has a discount through tonight.

“Holy! WOW! I have used many products to get rid of fine lines. Nothing. I tried the retinol stick and within days, people were asking me if I got Botox,” explained one shopper. “I even noticed the difference. I use this on my entire face and not only had it reduced my fine lines drastically around my eyes, reduced smoker lines around my lips, laugh lines on my face and totally brightened my face. It’s truly a miracle.”

This is the kind of skincare essential that novices and experts alike can benefit from. See, it’s a simple way to implement retinol into your routine, since the balm format doesn’t allow you to over-apply (which often leads to dryness and skin-shedding) and it’s gentle enough for sensitive skin. Whether you’re concerned about dark circles, fine lines, laugh lines or crow’s feet, you can smooth out those spots easily with this “miracle” stick.

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Peace Out Retinol Face Stick

Courtesy of Peace Out Skincare.

A combination of retinol, astaxanthin (an antioxidant that can diminish the appearance of dark spots while also helping your skin maintain water to stay plump), power peptide complex (that smooths lines and firms skin) and squalene, which keeps skin hydrated and bouncy, is what makes this stick the cream of the crop.

They work together to gently and quickly smooth out skin and even out tone. It’s so fast-acting, that shoppers “saw results within a few days.”

“I have VERY dark hereditary under-eye circles and as of late very dry eye area,” explained one reviewer. “I used this for THREE days and it has already lightened my dark circles. Not to mention how much softer my eye skin area is!! My eye makeup goes on so much smoother now too!!”

In fact, according to a consumer study, a whopping 92 percent of users said their dark spots “look brighter” after using this product for four weeks and 89 percent of users said their under-eyes appeared firmer. It’s been a while since I’ve been in school, but I’m pretty sure those are high marks on any grading scale.

Using it is simple: after you cleanse your face at night, apply the product along your under eyes, and any other problem spots like your mouth lines, in a small circular motion. Follow this process with your favorite night cream and you’ll wake up looking as good as new!

“I’m turning 5-0 this year and the lines in the eyes were starting and I decided to give this a try based on the reviews. My eyes are sensitive and many eye creams and makeup irritate them. This did NOT cause any irritation,” wrote one happy shopper. “I use it daily at night and a different eye cream during the day. I love this stuff!”

Another year, another 365 days not needing any needlework. Pick one up for yourself today, alongside other bestsellers from the brand.

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