Peace Out Is Targeting Your Pimples & Dark Spots With 1 Affordable New Kit

Elizabeth Denton
Peace Out Is Targeting Your Pimples & Dark Spots With 1 Affordable New Kit
Photo: Peace Out.

Not only have acne treatments come a long way in recent years, so have skincare campaigns. While we used to see perfectly clear skin in images pushing pimple cream, now faces are looking a little bit more like real people who have, you know, pores. Just take a look at Peace Out’s new Acne Champs campaign to go along with its new skincare set. Each of the “champs” are showcasing skin positivity, something that’s been blowing up on social media. Because all skin is good skin, you know?

“Social media has had an interesting impact on skin positivity and the beauty industry as a whole,” Peace Out founder Enrico Frezza tells STYLECASTER. “On the one hand, it paved the way for Facetuning, editing, and creating an unrealistic representation of ‘beauty’ because you’re not always seeing real life. You’re seeing what people want you to see and that can be airbrushed. On the other hand, social media can be a vehicle for education, empowerment and community. It’s a platform for people to speak their truths and connect with others who are sharing a common experience and finally, people can see they’re not alone, even if they’re connecting with someone across the country or across the globe.”

Frezza wanted to create a safe space at Peace Out to allow customers to feel comfortable in their skin, as well as give them the tools to get their most healthy skin ever. “We want to empower consumers and destigmatize acne, and ultimately, encourage people to feel confident,” he says. “We hope more brands will follow suit and normalize acne by showing people/community members showing their unretouched REAL skin.”

As a longtime acne sufferer himself, Frezza set out to create products he wished he had. “I always wished I had access to and understood the importance of a daily routine for acneic skin and sticking with it!” he says. “So, I’m thrilled to now offer this effective routine to people everywhere in one simple set.” This set includes the brand’s three-step acne routine to cleanse, treat and target acne.

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peace out acne champs

Peace Out.

The affordable kit includes a 10-pack of the bestselling Acne Healing Dots, mini Acne Serum and new mini Blemish Balm Cleanser. These three will help you exfoliate dead skin cells with salicylic acid, eliminate and heal acne while soothing skin, as well as brighten dark spots with vitamin C and niacinimide.

“Skincare shouldn’t be scary or complicated,” continues Frezza. “We believe in promoting positive experiences, starting with your face, and creating simple easy to use products. All of our formulations are clean, easy and designed to be uncomplicated.” So, whether you’re traveling soon and want an easy-to-use kit to help keep your skin clear, or you just want to try out this acne routine before purchasing the full-size bottles, shop the new Acne Champs now.

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