New Gadget Can Tell If Your Drink Has Been Spiked

Leah Bourne

Statistics are varied when it comes to pinpointing exactly how prevalent date rape drugs are, but regardless of numbers, it’s a problem—particularly on college campuses. Which is where a new gadget called, (short for Personal Drink Identification Device) comes in. The tool can detect whether your drink has been spiked in just a few seconds.

Here’s how it works: Women carry the device around with you in your purse (kind of like pepper spray), and when you are about to imbibe, dip it into your drink. The device then collects a sample of the liquid and checks the makeup against a database to determine what your drink is, and whether foreign substances have been added. A blinking LED light will then let you know if you’re good to go. Another feature? The can sync with your smartphone, and text or call you if your drink has been tampered with.’s creators are crowdfunding the project, with a goal of $100,000 by the end of August, with the hopes of raising enough money to develop the product, and then to get more funding to mass-produce it. Considering someone raised over $60,000 to make a potato salad on Kickstarter, we think this project is more than worthy of a few bucks.

Watch a video about the device below and let us know what you think.