This Anti-Pimple Secret Sells Every 10 Minutes in France

Elizabeth Denton
This Anti-Pimple Secret Sells Every 10 Minutes in France
Photo: Image: Payot; Design: Cierra Miller/StyleCaster.

I write about new beauty products for a living so it’s always a little surprising—and fun—when I try a brand that’s been around forever but is new to me. That’s the deal with Payot Paris skin care. The brand has been around since 1920—yes, literally 100 years. In this case, that’s a good thing. It was started by Nadia Payot who was one of the first female doctors and was even involved in the women’s rights movement. Pretty cool, right? She used her medical and scientific background to create skin care products.

Payot also became one of the first brands to open a spa in France. Now, it’s available in 70 countries in more than 7,500 places. Yes, people are that obsessed. One of the most popular products is the Emergency Anti-Imperfections Care cream. Fans swear it actually speeds up a pimple’s maturation process making it gone even faster. With the maskne we’re all getting wearing cloth masks, this is a must-try.

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payot paris

Payot Paris.

Pâte Grise L’Originale (the French name) contains sweet almond to soothe skin, as well as zinc oxide and shale extracts to control excess sebum and reduce the appearance of breakouts. A little goes a long way here. Just apply it to the area you’re breaking out and head to bed. This formula can stain your sheets so I like to pop on a hydrocolloid pimple patch (the ones without actives).

Once your pimple is gone, you’ll want to be sure to moisturize and use ingredients that will reduce the look of post-acne marks. Payot Paris has got that covered, too—and so much more. Shop some of our other faves, below.

payot paris uni skin

Payot Paris.

Perfecting Anti-Dark Spot Night Care

Everyone’s favorite brightening ingredients niacinamide and vitamin C work with shea butter, Persian silk tree extract and Asian plant extract to help ensure an even skin tone.

payot roselift

Payot Paris.

Resculpting Skincream

This night cream uses collagen-boosting peptide and an ingredient derived from Damask rose to give you face that youthful plumpness.

payot paris

Payot Paris.

Anti-Irritant Anti-Redness Treatment Care

Sometimes my skin gets red for reasons I can’t really explain. You can apply it thick for 30 minutes to calm down any irritation or in a thin layer overnight for prevention. It has licorice, sesame and corn thyme, as well as zinc oxide, to calm and soothe.

payot eye cream

Payot Paris.

Chrono-Smoothing Gel

Ingredients such as encapsulated Chaste tree berry, Horehound extract and hyaluronic acids work together to protect skin around the eyes from blue light damage.

payot body scrub

Payot Paris.

Relaxing Body Scrub With Jasmine And White Tea Extracts

This sugar scrub uses vegetable and sweet almond oil to hydrate skin.

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