Patrick Starrr’s ‘Diva Feva’ MAC Collection Arrives Tomorrow

Patrick Starrr’s ‘Diva Feva’ MAC Collection Arrives Tomorrow
Photo: Getty Images

We’re so happy Patrick Starrr isn’t a fan of long waits. It’s been just a few months since the release of Floral Realness, and now, he’s already cooked up a new MAC collection, aptly titled “Diva Feva,” that hits stores tomorrow, June 7.

This one includes the Summer Starrr Kit— a four-product full-face kit with one eyeshadow quad, two lipglasses, and a bronzer— and a sold-separately highlighter, Hot and Heavy Opalescent Face Powder.

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You may have heard the name “Sandy Crotch” floating around the beauty interwebs and wondered WTF, but don’t worry; it’s nothing more than one of the four eyeshadow names (the other three are “Brash,” “Mabuhay,” and “Ruddy”). And now we have a first look on three different skin tones, thanks to Instagram.

The picture, shared by popular beauty account @TrendMood1, has swatches of every product in the Diva Feva collection and it’s safe to say the colors are universally flattering. And for all that goodness, you thankfully won’t be shelling out your entire paycheck. The kit, which includes everything besides the highlighter, is $49.50 while the highlighter goes for $34.

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If you truly cannot wait till tomorrow when it hits physical store nationwide, shop the collection online right now. And while you’re waiting for those goodies to arrive, watch the “Diva Feva” music video directed, performed, and sung by Starrr, himself. It’s a must-see.