Patrick Robinson Closes The Gap

Rachel Adler

Patrick Robinson is continuing his reinvention of the Gap— but this time he’s taking on the fragrances. The brand will launch their first signature scent for women, named close, on April 23rd.

The scent was created by Givaudan and developed by Interparfums, and will be composed of a fresh, salty citrus scent. According to Fashion Week Daily, Robinson said that, “The salty part—that’s human nature, that’s how you get people close to you. The citrus part makes them stay.”

And of course, given the fact that Robinson recreated the entire Gap image to match himself to a “T”—crisp fitted crew neck, blue jeans, cardigans– the exterior of the bottle will look as good as the interior smells. The scent will be packaged in an egg-shaped transparent bottle.

And Gap continues on it’s road to scent-cess.