The Unconventional Trick Pat McGrath Uses to Perfect Her Foundation Blend

The Unconventional Trick Pat McGrath Uses to Perfect Her Foundation Blend
Photo: ImaxTree

Experts say that blending is the key to avoiding that awkward line of coverage around the chin and neck. But sometimes, endless patting and dragging doesn’t work because your chest is actually a lighter shade than your face (due to your face getting more sun exposure). So what’s a makeup wearer to do? Match your foundation to your stomach.

The trick comes from Pat McGrath, one of the most influential makeup artists in the game. In a recent YouTube collaboration between blogger, Nyma Tang, and Dior Beauty ambassador, Daniel Martin, Martin said she taught him this when he was her assistant.

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He told Tang, “I used to assist Pat McGrath and I remember her saying ‘If you’re going to do the face, you basically have to look at the stomach.’ Because we didn’t know if what she was wearing or how much skin was going to be showing, so it was always best to match the face with the stomach… It’s kind of a good gauge.”

Weirdly enough, the tip makes sense. Since your stomach doesn’t get nearly as much sun as your face, the color provides the perfect shade to match your face to your whole body. For WoC in particular, Tang recommends buildable foundations like her two favorites, NARS’s Natural Radiant Longwear foundation and M.A.C’s Matchmaster foundation.

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If you catch someone in the store testing foundations on their stomach, just assume it’s one of us. Don’t forget to watch the rest of the tutorial above for more tips and tricks.