Get The Pastel Hair of Your Dreams Without Commitment

Sable Yong
Get The Pastel Hair of Your Dreams Without Commitment
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Even if you’re not going to any of the hundreds of music festivals this summer, that doesn’t mean you don’t have an excuse to do your hair up like a pretty peacock. How about the fact that it’s summer and also rainbow-colored hair is fun? Good enough for us! Don’t worry if you have dark hair or if you don’t want to let go of your fair hair. You don’t have to go the bleach-then-color route if you don’t want to. You can have pastel hair in a low-commitment way that isn’t that damaging to your hair. Here are some ways to get the look if you’re into the pastel hair look…but just not forever.

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The quickest way? Clip-in hair extensions. These are totally cheap and easy to do. You can find them at any beauty supply store, and all you have to do is clip them in. If you want to heat style them, opt for real hair (which will up the price a bit). Synthetic hair extensions will melt with heat. Yikes!

Another cool thing you can do with colored clip-in extensions? Incorporate them into a braid! Of course, you can get this cool rainbow braid effect with your own colored hair, but clipping in the color is easier for more specific placement. No one has to know that pink hair doesn't grow out your head.

This is a daring look, but colored clip-in bangs are a bold statement. You can style them to blend with your hair texturally so the color is the eye-catcher, not the mismatched hair.

If you're planning on a long-awaited trim and want to have fun with your length before the big chop, try dip-dyeing them! You can do this with a semi-permanent hair dye, like Manic Panic, which fades after several washes. It's as easy as dipping your pony-tailed ends into hair dye and voila!

Hair chalk is not only a great color option, it's a good styling product, too. A concentrated stripe here and there looks really cool and rugged. But keep in mind, hair-chalking doesn't always have to look like chalk—brush it out and it'll blend with your normal hair texture.

You can "spray paint" your roots with hair-chalk—or paint with temporary hair color— to get that cool spotlight look on the crown of your head. This looks like there's a colored light reflecting off your shiny hair. What's cool is that when this is done on medium to darker hair, it really does have a cool light illusion effect.

If you're already blonde, lucky you! You can pretty much dip in and dip out of this pastel hair trend whenever you like. No bleach required. Something like this can be done with temporary (or permanent) hair color. If you want to add pastel hues to any semi-permanent hair color, just mix with a white-colored hair conditioning of your choice and let it sit in your hair like a hair mask wherever you place it. When you rinse out after a half hour, you'll have pretty pastel hair that's also well-conditioned. The conditioner fills in any gaps in a damaged hair shaft so the dye can't cling to it for too long. It'll rinse out in just a couple washes.

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