10 Passive Aggressive Holiday Gifts

Wendy Rodewald
10 Passive Aggressive Holiday Gifts
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If you can't come right out and say how you really feel, why not say it with a gift? If you're feeling more naughty than nice, these holiday finds send a not-so-subtle message to everyone on your list.

For Your Younger Sister

Algenist The Anti Wrinkle Collection ($52, sephora.com)

"Sorry I'm aging better than you are."

For Your Wasteful Roommate

Stop The Water While Using Me! All Natural Lemon Honey Soap ($16.50, woodleyandbunny.com)

Does this also come in "Shut Off The Lights" and "It's Your Turn to Buy Toilet Paper"?

For the Annoying Dieter

Cinnamon bun soaps ($6.75, etsy.com)

Gluten free, raw, paleo — you can't keep all her self-imposed dietary restrictions straight anymore. Remind her what she's missing with these crazy-realistic-looking soaps.

For Your Boyfriend Who's Still Rocking His Movember 'Stache

The Art of Shaving Starter Kit ($25, theartofshaving.com)

Time to shave, honey!

For Your Friend Who's Always Borrowing Your Stuff

Pinch Provisions Skinny Minimergency Kit ($24, shop.pinchprovisions.com)

Now you can ask her if she has any gum…or a tampon…or a nail file…or floss...

For the Person Who Loves Wine Just a Little Too Much

Wine Wipes ($7.95, birchbox.com)

Drink up and let those pearly whites shine in holiday photos.

For the Germophobe

Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitizer ($7.56, amazon.com)

Because, hey — you never know.

For the Fresh Breath Challenged

32 Brand Holiday 4-Pack of isoVoxy Breath Crystals ($17.96, qvc.com)

Nothing says "I love you even though your breath is rank" like a set of minty treatment crystals packaged in festive holiday colors.

For Your Little Brother

You Smell Soap ($7, urbanoutfitters.com)

Sometimes you need to tell it like it is.

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For the Bathroom Hog

Poo-Pourri ($9.95, poopourri.com)

This deodorizer is meant to be sprayed in the bowl before you go. Also comes in purse size!

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