Party Makeup: Friends vs. Family

Megan Segura
The Family Stone - Meredith Morton/Sarah Jessica Parker

In The Family Stone, Meredith Morton (Sarah Jessica Parker)
keeps her makeup classic for a family holiday weekend

When it comes to party makeup, there is a big difference between going a party with your best friends versus a holiday get together with the family. I’m sure your mother-in-law may be a bit shocked if you showed up in gold metallic eye shadow, but your friends would totally adore it! Here are a couple guidelines:

– Keep the makeup experiments to your personal social events. Try rocking a cool Gucci eye or a total body shimmer for your office party or a friend’s holiday bash. This is where you can totally get away with it.

– When its family time, go demure. Don’t worry, you can still maintain your sense of individuality. I like to incorporate the trend of the moment in a more subtle way. For instance, instead of an intense red lip, try a lip stain like Revlon Just Bitten and keep the rest of your makeup simple. It won’t have the impact of a full red lipstick, but it will look more appropriate around the dinner table. I know you have that crazy aunt who probably wears screaming pink lipstick at these family functions, but that is why you all think she is crazy!

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