Paris Hilton’s Secret Makeup Line is Two Years Old

Paris Hilton’s Secret Makeup Line is Two Years Old
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Fenty Beauty, KKW Contour Kit, Kylie Cosmetics; the list of celebrity makeup lines is ever-lengthening. Well, brace yourselves, because another one quietly debuted in the U.S. two years ago and it belongs to none other than Paris Hilton. Paris Hilton Cosmetics began circulating before Rihanna tried her hand at highlighter, and as it turns out, beauty lovers have been buying it in droves.

Hilton recently told E! News that she had a soft opening some time ago, and was pleasantly pleased when the products sold out within a day or two. If you’re thinking, “How did I not know about this?” now’s your chance to play catch-up, because Hilton’s launching another line at the end of October that will be available at large market stores like Macy’s.

And while her previous offering was inspired by unicorns, Hilton says the mythical mermaid is her muse this time around.

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The beautiful sea creature provides ample room for imagination and sparkle as Hilton revealed more details about the products and packaging: “It’s all iridescent and holographic with really beautiful packaging,” she told E! News. “I always loved glitter and, especially now, I’m loving glitter on a whole new level. For the next collection, we have a whole glitter collection coming out. I’m obsessed with sparkles.”

One wouldn’t expect a twenty-something woman to jump for joy at the prospect of a sparkle collection, but alas, here I am.

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Besides her infatuation with glitter, Hilton also emphasized the customer’s need for something that looks and feels good, too. She recounts how she loved MAC’s Lipglass, but found it too sticky. So with her own brand, she “wanted to make colors that are very beautiful but also comfortable to wear, and making sure it lasts and is good quality, but I also wanted to do it at a low price point for my fans to be able to enjoy it.”

This sounds like a godsend of a makeup line that me, myself, and my gaunt wallet are going to enjoy. Unfortunately, the new line has yet to be revealed online, but you can peruse the brand’s Instagram page in the meantime.