Paris Hilton Accused of Copying a Beauty Vlogger’s Products for Her Makeup Line

Paris Hilton Accused of Copying a Beauty Vlogger’s Products for Her Makeup Line
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Since the soft launch of her makeup line, Paris Hilton Cosmetics, in 2015, Paris Hilton has remained hush-hush about her products, and there might’ve been a reason. According to one internet sleuth, the 36-year-old hotel heiress ripped off the designs for one of her collections, and it took months before she was caught.

Earlier this month, YouTuber Sanders Kennedy posted a shocking video accusing Hilton of plagiarizing well-known beauty vlogger @NikkieTutorials. In March 2017, Nikkie released her well-received collaboration with OFRA Cosmetics. The collaboration featured an asymmetrical rectangle box with a highlighter wheel and three liquid lipsticks in brown, pink, and coral.

A few months later, in fall 2017, Paris Hilton Cosmetics dropped its Glow and Gloss collection, which featured eerily similar packaging. The collection also included an asymmetrical rectangle box, highlighter wheel, and three liquid lipsticks. Though it’s hard to tell when the collection dropped exactly (there is no documentation on Paris Hilton Cosmetics’ Instagram, and the line isn’t sold online; only through third-party retailers), Revelist reported that it came out months after Nikkie’s.

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To prove that the collections were near-identical to each other, Kennedy held up the boxes side by side, which showed that there was an undeniable resemblance. Though the packaging was similar, Kennedy reported that the quality and consistency of the products didn’t compare.

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Only recently, when Hilton started publicizing her Unicorn Mist, her first-ever skin-care product, did she start promoting Paris Hilton Cosmetics more heavily on social media. Still, that doesn’t excuse blatant plagiarism. Though nothing is confirmed, the evidence points to wrongdoing, so we hope Hilton explains herself.