Pale Girls Everywhere, Rejoice – The ‘Skin Illuminator’ Is Perfect For Us

Augusta Falletta

Screen shot 2012 04 13 at 3.48.24 PM 640x505 Pale Girls Everywhere, Rejoice   The Skin Illuminator Is Perfect For UsFinally, an answer to the pale girl prayers being mumbled across the country! St. Tropez has come out with Skin Illuminators in gold, violet and rose hues. So what’s the difference between self-tanners and this new, lust-worthy product? We chatted with celebrity makeup artist Rachel Goodwin about St. Tropez’s new product and why she loves using it on her gorgeous clients, like Emma Stone.

For girls with paler skin, self-tanners can leave us streaky, orange and just plain gross. Considering the Oompa Loompa look is completely undesirable, St. Tropez’s Skin Illuminators allow us to embrace our previously shunned pale skin for a glowing, highlighted and overall healthy look. “Embracing pale skin has become more and more common now because for so many years, so many of us wanted to change it, but now it’s considered beautiful”, says Goodwin.

The application is similar to self-tanners. First, do a gentle exfoliation with a loofah (anything too harsh will bring on redness and uneven skin tone). Goodwin also says that she likes to use Epicuren Massage Oil after exfoliating and before applying the Illuminator to give your skin a super hydrated feel. Once you’ve prepped your skin, apply the Illuminator the way you would apply lotion, focusing on areas you’d like to highlight like your collarbones, shoulders and shins.

The Skin Illuminators come in three different shades so every porcelain-skinned lady can get the glowing look. For girls with skin like Emma Stone’s, the Rose Illuminator is perfect. The Violet tone is best for the evening and the Gold tone is best for anyone who wants a summery glow. If you have darker skin but still want the glow, don’t worry, the skin illuminator will give you a naturally cooler, shimmering look. Whatever your skin tone, we’re definitely into a product that easily gives you a healthy sheen and glow.

Screen shot 2012 04 13 at 3.38.52 PM 640x501 Pale Girls Everywhere, Rejoice   The Skin Illuminator Is Perfect For Us