5 Ways to Get Gorgeous, Healthy Hair Overnight

Rachel Krause

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Now that we’ve all but confirmed the fact that beauty sleep is way more than just an excuse for sleeping until noon, we intend on taking full advantage of the restorative beauty benefits of a good night’s rest. Our nighttime skin care routine is tailored to this approach, thanks to a lineup of powerful products that work best when they can really sink in to skin, but all too often our hair goes untouched (or worse, we head to bed immediately post-shower, when our strands are at their most fragile). Rather than hitting the sack with a full face of night cream and nothing to protect your hair, slather on one of these 5 super effective overnight conditioning treatments. Waking up gorgeous is just one step away.

Overnight-Rene FurtererRene Furterer Karité Intense Overnight Nourishing Treatment ($33, renefurtererusa.com)
Shea butter is kind of underrated when it comes to its superior nourishing power—it’s often overlooked in favor of newer, “fancier” ingredients, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The shea butter and oil in this treatment gives it a rich, balmy texture that’s easily absorbed by hair rather than just sitting on top of it. We’ve found that, because damaged hair is so porous, we often need far more than the recommended amount to feel like we’ve got everything covered, but the thick consistency of this product makes it easy to spread and cover every strand.

Overnight-AlternaAlterna Caviar Overnight Hair Rescue ($38, alternahaircare.com)
Even normal, healthy hair can benefit from this radiance-restoring treatment, as it has a lightweight texture and feel that won’t weigh hair down. Hair tends to thin and become more fragile with age, and this formula works to combat those undesirable effects. It also contains ingredients that protect and retain color to reduce wash-out while also defending against UVA, UVB, and artificial light sources (like, say, those fluorescent overheads in your office).

Overnight-Living ProofLiving Proof Perfect Hair Day Night Cap Overnight Perfector ($28, livingproof.com)
If this one feels a bit heavy going on, have no fear: You’ll wake up with shiny, more manageable hair after it drinks up the nourishing, scientifically proven ingredients. It gives hair a glossy finish that makes color appear more vibrant, and it’s unique in that the benefits—color protection, manageability, softness, strength, and more—will last you up to five shampoos, so you’ll still be seeing the results long after you’ve used the product.

Overnight-LOrealL’Oreal EverStrong Sulfate-Free Fortify System Overnight Repair Treatment ($8.99, lorealparisusa.com)
For an affordable pick that you can find at any drugstore, this one cannot be beat. It absorbs quickly and contains strengthening ingredients that reinforce even the longest and most brittle hair, and we guarantee you’ll notice a difference immediately after the first use. We’ll also point out that it’s a great choice for super long hair, as the reasonable price means you don’t have to feel guilty about a particularly generous application.

Overnight-SachajuanSachajuan Overnight Hair Repair ($61, beautybar.com)
Pricy? Yes. Worth it? If you have damaged, unhappy hair that just seems hopeless, we don’t think you’ll regret this purchase. The ingredients actually penetrate the cortex—that’s the center!—of the hair’s follicle to strengthen it from the inside out, so your hair won’t just be softer and shinier, but it’ll also have improved elasticity, so it’ll incur less damage in the long run with regular use.

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