Over 30,000 Women Were Given Toxic Breast Implants

Amanda Elser

Thinking about getting a boob job? Don’t go to France.

The Guardian reported that French company Poly Implant Prosthesis (PIP) was one of the world’s leading producers of silicone implants before last year when it was discovered that the company was trying to save money by using industrial silicone instead of medical-grade silicone in breast implants.

On top of the toxic materials, it seems as if PIP also skimped on defective products usingweak casings that are more likely to rupture or leak than those used in other implants.

It seems as if four women who have had the implants have gotten cancer and two have died, although it is unsure if the cancer is directly linked the implants the real tragedy is that the thousands of women who have had the implants done feel as if they are being dismissed as “bimbos.”

Women gathered outside theFrench health ministry to demand that the government do more to help the victims.

“It’s very hard to rebuild my life. We feel judged, we feel that we’re not taken seriously because it’s linked to cosmetic surgery. That’s unfair. This scandal is criminal. You wouldn’t implant this type of material into animals, let alone women.”

We think Jezebel made a great point. “While the women’s reasons for getting implants have no bearing on their current situation, the fact is that some of these supposed “bimbos” are breast cancer survivors.”

Don’t be so quick to judge.

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