Our Top 10 Favorite Fashion Girls’ Hair Transformations

Our Top 10 Favorite Fashion Girls’ Hair Transformations
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Switching clothes from season to season is a no-brainer, but for some, changing your hair color to match the season (or even just for a little while!) can be a scary, unwelcome change. If you’re like us and find endless inspiration in the likes of Chlo, Zoe and Abbey Lee’s sartorial choices, don’t stop at the clothes, look to their hair, too!These ladies make runway and everyday clothing look extremely covetable and their drastic hair changes are alluring and DIY-inducing as well.

If you’re ready to switch up your luscious locks either for the first time or for the tenth, check out cool color and cut choices in the slideshow above for inspiration.

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Chloë Sevigny shocked us all earlier this week by popping up in London with (gasp!) brunette hair. This is the first dye job for the always blond Sevigny which is rumored to be for a new role, but we'd like to think that since she's bored with fashion, she decided to switch up her hair to inspire some new outfits ideas.

Arizona Muse sat out of the modeling game for a while but came back with a bang -- the slightly darker color and jagged cropped cut brings her completely up to date. Not to mention, her 'do seems to be one of the most copied styles out there right now.

Iekeliene Stange is a daring lady trying three hair spectrum extremes: ice blonde, red (not pictured) and then brunette. All of the colors suit her well -- I wonder if she's thinking about doing a rainbow dip next?

Before image by Matthias Vriens-McGrath for Elle UK and After image by Michelangelo di Battista for Vogue Italia.

Similar to Iekeleine, Olga Sherer went from one extreme to the next: a rich brunette to a Florence Welch red. The red suits her skin tone best and brings out her blue eyes as well.


Everyone's favorite "It"-girl Zoe Kravitz rocked long, boho tresses for most of her sartorial spotlight thus far. Her recent chop, highlights and thinner bangs bring more attention to Zoe's gorgeous face and lighten the load on her tiny frame.

Images from Sipa Press.

Instead of dying her hair rocker black to amp up moonlighting with her band Our Mountain, Abbey Lee Kershaw went platinum blonde, bringing life to her dewy skin and blue eyes.


Kinga Rajzak is definitely ready to rock with her ultra black tresses. The darkness gives off a punky/goth vibe while the lighter brown made her look demure and sweet.

Images from Style.com.

The SI swimsuit model and budding actress Brooklyn Decker chopped her hair off for the summer. It looks like it could've been enough to donate to Locks of Love, and if it was, Brooklyn certainly looks like she's sweet enough to do so.

Vlada Roslyakova has had the most hair transformations with ice blond (not pictured), red and dirty blond. In my opinion, red is the cutest on her, and like the other temporary red heads, brought out her piercing blue eyes.

Images from Style.com.

Britt Maren not only chopped her hair into a pixie cut, she's dyed it blond, then back to brunette, then blond again. Similar to Abbey Lee, she turned up the volume making her mane brighter and sexier.


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