Our Favorite ‘Hunger Games’ Beauty Looks Thus Far

Amanda Elser
Our Favorite ‘Hunger Games’ Beauty Looks Thus Far
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Hi, my name is Amanda Elser and I am obsessed with The Hunger Games. There, I said it – now don’t pretend you aren’t freaking out too.

There are still another three months to go, but I am so excited about the March 23 release that I have been dissecting every still from the film, and I have to say this film is definitely going to provide a plethora of beauty looks for us to talk about.

From Katniss’ braid toCaesar Flickerman’s blue hair, we’ve rounded up our favorite beauty looks from the released stills of the film. But don’t worry, I am sure there will be more to add in the next few months so keep your eyes out!

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Katniss' braid is a signature look throughout the books and it seems as if it will be in the films as well. I love how it wraps down the back of her head and over to the side. If you try this look at home though, I would recommend taming those front pieces. 

I still can't believe that this is Elizabeth Banks, but there is so much going on with her portrayal of Effie that I couldn't just choose one look to feature! While the look on the whole is kind of frightening, I am kind of digging the metallic lip shown here.

Long hair seems to be making a comeback. For some reason I didn't picture Haymitch to be quite so debonair, but I'm digging this "long hair, don't care" look he has going on. 

This is probably the only scene in the film where Jennifer Lawrence doesn't look like a hot mess. I think she looks lovely with a lightly glossed pink pout and a thick frame of lashes.

Note: Dyed eyelashes. Could this be an emerging trend? Probably not, but it is cool nevertheless. 

Evil Head Gamemaker Seneca Crane looks absolutely terrifying with his menacing beard. 

Probably one of the most famous bald men on the big screen Stanley Tucci plays the charismatic Caesar Flickerman. But more importantly he plays him with blue hair. 

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