Our Beauty Must-Haves When Facing an Ex

Amanda Elser
Our Beauty Must-Haves When Facing an Ex
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There is nothing worse than running into an ex completely unprepared – even worse when he is with his new girlfriend.

In a recent interview, Dita Von Teese, the original heartbreaker, revealed one of her beauty secrets for maintaining that “perfect” image, just in case the dreaded run-in should occur.

“I always put my hair in a chignon before I leave the house; I always put lipstick on; I always put sunglasses on. It takes me two minutes, but I know that having the sunglasses and the lipstick makes my look appear finished even though it’s not,” she explained. “All it takes is that one time, when you decide that you’re not going to change your clothes, or that you’re not going to brush your hair, and you run into your ex-boyfriend you didn’t want to see, or even worse, his new girlfriend. So think about that before you leave the house.”

Wise words to live by Ms. Von Teese. So we asked the StyleCaster team what their beauty must-haves are to avoid severe embarrassmentwhen they run into that jerky-ex beau and his annoyingly pretty new girlfriend.


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"I love to carry a nude shimmery lip gloss (for a more natural, effortless, clean day look) and one matte red lipstick or red lip stain (for a vavava-voom vixen-y look). 

Also - Mascara - can't leave home without mascara. and a hair tie just in case i need to put my hair in a top bun, which helps elongate my face and highlight my cheekbones." Susie G, Associate Editor 

(The Silk Hair Tie Package, $7, etsy.com)

"I always, ALWAYS, wear bronzer. Even if I didn't put any thought into what I'm wearing or my other makeup, I feel like as long as I'm not Casper-the-ghost pale I can still look semi-presentable and ready to meet anyone, even an ex." Jessica Rubin, Lifestyle Editor 

(Lorac TANtalizer, $32, sephora.com)

"When running into my ex was a common occurrence, I used to not leave the house without a "cute" outfit and at least one thing he'd mentioned he liked (THAT lip gloss, THOSE heels, THAT dress, etc). It made sense at the time." Megan Branch, Experience Producer 

(Dior Lip Maximizer, $30, sephora.com)

"Never leave the house without powder/foundation. Recently I've become an insomniac, so no dark circles allowed." Summer Krecke, Content Director 

(Lancome Dual Finish Powder, $36.50, sephora.com)

"I always need to have mascara on and probably a little black liner too. Especially if I'm going to throw a death stare." Rachel Adler, Beauty Director 

(CoverGirl Lash Blast, $8.26, amazon.com)

"I always wear perfume so he'll remember me smelling sweet." Nora Rubin, Beauty High JTM 

(Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, $47, sephora.com)

"Big ginormous Warby Parker sunglasses." Meghan Cross, Communications Manager 

(Mabel Gimlet Tortoise, $95, warbyparker.com)

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