Our 3 Favorite Looks From Miami Swim Week, & How To Get Them

Rachel Adler

Miami Swim Week wasn’t all about the sleek bikini bods and cute little two-pieces this season, the beauty looks were pretty amazing too. While we of course saw a lot of bronzed bodies, we were happy to see things mixed up a bit with a bright lip, fun eye shadow colors and some crazy braids.

Below are our favorite looks from the week, and how you can get them yourself!

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At the Crystal Jin show, we were bombarded with trends and loved it. A long feather was attatched to the hair almost like a hair extension, and there are also braids on the lower side of the head. The chained hoop earring completes the look. This is extremely easy to do yourself (braids are a no-brainer) but just pin a feather in with a bobby pin, and ta da!

135417 1311086719 Our 3 Favorite Looks From Miami Swim Week, & How To Get Them

The girls were certainly bronzed and beautiful at Luxe by Lisa Vogel, with flushed cheeks and a metallic bronze smokey eye. To get the look, James Vincent used Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream #14 in warm satin brown on the lids, and blended Make Up For Ever #17 (espresso) and #165 (dark taupe brown) with a dark copper shimmer up into the crease. He then rimmed the eyes with Make Up For Ever Khol Pencil #1K. To complete the look, Vincent used Lab Shine #S6, a soft peach for a glossy look.

135421 1311087629 Our 3 Favorite Looks From Miami Swim Week, & How To Get Them

The braids at Mara Hoffman were basically to die for. TRESemme stylist Elisa Canedo broke down the steps so that you can attempt the look at home:

Step 1: Create a middle part and divide hair into sections.
Step 2: Prep each section withTRESemm Thermal Creations Curl Activator Spray, then curl using a 1″ barrel curling iron and pin to the head.
Step 3: Once all sections are completed, take out the pins and brush the curls with a paddle brush.
Step 4: Flip your head upside down and sprayTRESemm Fresh Start Dry Shampoo throughout hair for added texture, lightly combing the product through with your fingers.
Step 5: Flipping your head upright, divide hair into two sections down the middle of the head, and begin to create two French braids, starting at the top of the head to the base of the neck.
Step 6: From the base of the neck, create two fishtails braids, and secure them with clear elastics, leaving some length on the ends loose.
Step 7: Lightly rough up hair at the top of the head, pulling a few pieces loose with your fingers, and finish by lightly applyingTRSemm No-Frizz Secret Smoothing Crmein a backwards motion.
Good luck!

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