It’s True: OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray Is the Best Thing to Ever Happen to Hair

Rachel Krause


The last thing I needed in my life was a new hair product to add to my already-packed repertoire (heat protectant, oil, another oil, smoothing milk, sea salt spray, and mousse every time I wash my hair, which to be fair is not all that often), and yet here I am, having formed an emotional bond to OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray ($26) so strong that I’m already anxious about when I’ll have to stock up again. Go figure.

I’ve tried and “liked” a vast selection of texturizing sprays and creams and powders and all those sorts of things, but had yet to find one I really, truly loved. Felt loyal to, even. I have the kind of hair that requires an artificial shot of texture to look good—it’s incredibly fine, a bit wavy, and tends toward a flat, soft, shiny lankness from the roots to the midlengths and turns dry and frazzled at its very split ends—so I take that stuff seriously.

And of all the good and even great formulas I’ve tried, this one is the best. I’m calling it. Let me tell you why.

Firstly, don’t let the name deceive you: This is not a hairspray. It is a hair spray, insofar as it’s something you spray on your hair, but a hairspray it is not. The effect is not sticky, crunchy, or stiff, and it’s not meant to set a style like hairspray is. It has more hold than a dry shampoo, but sprayed liberally onto unwashed, lackluster hair (like mine so frequently is, TBH), it absorbs oil and freshens things up with a hit of volume and shine, which is a godsend.

ouai texturizing hair spray Its True: OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray Is the Best Thing to Ever Happen to Hair

But for me, the real magic happens when I use it as the concluding step in my exhaustive once-a-week hair-styling routine. Once my hair is washed, conditioned, loaded up with product, dried roughly with my hands, and curled loosely, I flip my head upside down and douse it all in the texturizing spray, root to tips. I right myself, smooth my hair down, and look in the mirror to find it nearly twice as big, with overstyled curls transformed into the perfect lived-in waves I can never achieve because I’m so clumsy with a curling iron.

After each use I’m left with insane body and fullness—like, it makes me look like I have twice as much hair—and just the right amount of tousled texture, with none of the annoying stickiness we associate with hairspray or the dulling residue of dry shampoo. It also smells delightful, like a fancy floral, slightly musky perfume. (To be fair, the fragrance is quite strong, so approach with caution if you’re scent-sensitive.)

If you thought everyone was only obsessing over this line because it’s the brainchild of one of the best-known celebrity hairstylists of the moment, you’re not alone. But even the worst skeptics should give it a chance … particularly if they happen to be skeptics who want gorgeous, voluminous, sexy hair. Yeah, I see you.