The Added Skin Care Step You Didn’t Know You Needed

Caitlin S. Miller
origins The Added Skin Care Step You Didnt Know You Needed

Photo: Origins

Not all of us adhere to the strict 12-step skin care rregimen many K-beauty addicts swear by. But we are loyal to our cleanser, oil, eye cream, and nightly mask routine. But as it turns out, we’re secretly missing a step—and we never even knew it. Until now. Thanks to Origins new Maskimizer Skin-Optimizing Mask Primer ($22,, there’s a new skin care must in town: the pre-mask treatment. The first of its kind, the Maskimizer is designed to be applied prior to using your face mask and is formulated to actually make skin more receptive to the ingredients in your favorite face mask. We know what you’re thinking, “A mask to use before your face mask?” Just hear us out.

Much like a makeup primer or priming spray, this spray formula is designed to spritz on your visage right before you use your favorite face mask. (Note: It works well with every type of mask except a peel-off formula, the brand notes. We paired with a creamy gel during our testing.) After saturating our face with a few sprays of the treatment, we applied a heavy dose of our favorite gel-cream mask and let sit for 10 minutes. Although no magic happens during the waiting process—there’s no tingling or warming to alert you it’s working—you can really see the results post treatment. We noticed our face felt supple, full, and plump after just one use!

The science behind the Maskimizer is fairly simple: Skin should be ready for any treatments you throw at it. Think of an aesthetician steaming your face to open your pores before a facial. This products aims to hydrate, soften, and prime skin to maximize your actual mask process and make your skin receptive to whatever good-for-you ingredients your mask contains. Thanks to the marine algae complex, which is a polysaccharide and anti-irritant-rich ingredient that boasts hydration, the spray uses osmotic technology to maintain the moisture balance in skin i.e. when applied, the outer layer is softened, prepped, and actually more ready to bind to moisture.

Although it’s definitely not for the skin care minimalist, this added step is worth it for the mask obsessed or for anyone looking to play scientist. And really, when it comes to soft skin, isn’t it worth the extra spray or two?

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