Spring Cleaning: Bloggers Share How They Organize Their Beauty Products

Augusta Falletta

Maybe it’s the promise of warm weather soon to come, or maybe it’s just our growing collection of beauty products that hasn’t been sorted through in a while, but something about this time of year just makes us want to organize. We’re talking about taking an entire weekend to hunker down and Pin every makeup organizer and DIY project we can get our hands on, because it’s time for some makeup makeovers. There’s no better source of inspiration than the ladies who deal with products for a living, so we went to some of our favorite beauty bloggers to see how they keep their ever-growing collections maintained and in order. Read on to see how they keep their products organized!

vanity organization

Image Courtesy of Bryce Gruber

“I’m all about planning for about 2 minutes the night before — basically, before I head to bed at night I set out what I plan to wear the next day so I’m not scrambling in the morning to find an outfit and making a crazy, tornado like mess. I take one minute to neatly lay out my outfit, and another minute to lay out accessories and beauty items on my vanity. It keeps my room tidy and my morning routine down to 10 minutes or less… voila!” — Bryce Gruber, TheLuxurySpot.com

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cabinet full of beauty products

Image Courtesy of Jamie Stone

“My ‘beauty closet,’ as I like to call it, was a HUGE selling point for me when I was looking for an LA apartment. My whole New York life I had always wished for an actual space for all my product and, until I found my current place, I’d never had one. I try (most of the time) to keep each shelf organized by category, e.g. makeup, hair, skin/body, etc. and I’ve got to tell you, the shelves are about an arm’s length deep so there’s a TON of stuff on each shelf.” — Jamie Stone, editor, QueenoftheQuarterLifeCrisis.com

makeup bag

Sonia Kashuk Makeup Bag in Bloom, $14.99, Target.com

“I believe that most makeup bags are kind of lazy, that they can do more than just hold your makeup. I have recently been converted to the Sonia Kashuk Completely Organized bag, which is the hardest working makeup bag ever. It has individual compartments for your phone/brushes/charging cords/whatever you want, a front zipper compartment to keep leaky bits and/or pencils and brushes separated and it’s going to be my ticket to sanity for spring.” — Kristin Booker, Editor, FashionStyleBeauty.

makeup table organization

Image Courtesy of Amber Katz

“I use a desk with tons of drawers where I store a lot of my makeup and then still, in full hoarder manner, have a ton of items on top of it, mostly stuff I’m planning to test. I love the Lori Greinier Tabletop Spinning Cosmetic Organizer to keep my daily go-to products easily accessible. Green Sterilite drawers house my hair products, on top of which sits a box for my brushes and blow dryer. The white painted IKEA wooden drawers house my current skin care stuff and some more makeup.” — Amber Katz, Rouge18.com

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makeup organization

Image Courtesy of Jeannine Morris

“I’m super type A so all of my go-to beauty products are anally organized, but I really like the way my makeup and fragrances are organized. Since they’re pretty and I find myself constantly reaching for them, I keep my daily essentials on top of my dresser in their own containers, surrounded by a white tray. I use a candle jar to hold my brushes, round mirror tray for my fragrances, oils and polishes a small cosmetic case for my makeup.”  — Jeannine Morris, Founder of BeautySweetSpot.com

organizational drawers

Ikea Alex Drawer Unit, $119, Ikea.com

“After working in-house at a beauty brand, I fell in love with the idea of a ‘beauty closet’ and now that I’ve moved it’s my chance to bring this to fruition. So I’m in the process of reorganizing my makeup collection using IKEA’s Alex Drawer Unit; the nine different drawers allow me to group makeup into categories (face, cheeks, eyes, and lips) and is deep enough to hold my monstrous collection.” — Eileen Dautruche, Editor, Misswhoeveryouare.com