Organix’s New Scents


Organix is, again, making showers a bit more enticing with their intoxicating new scents: Grapefruit Mango Butter, Passionfruit Guava, Cucumber Yogurt, and Lavender Soymilk.

The Moisturizing Grapefruit Mango Butter Shampoo and Conditioner are formulated with organic grapefruit to nourish and hydrate, organic mango butter to moisturize, and sunflower oil for a frizz-free finish. The Energizing Passionfruit Guava Shampoo and Conditioner contain passionfruit extract, which stimulates the hair follicle, guava, which adds essential vitamins and anti-oxidants, and orange blossom infused with honey for a silky shine. The Fortifying Lavender Soymilk Shampoo and Conditioner, designed for use on long, strong hair, include lavender to nourish hair follicles, soymilk proteins to fortify, heal, and condition, and marigold oil and vitamins to moisturize and strengthen. While the Enriching Cucumber Yogurt Shampoo and Conditioner hydrate with cucumber extract, nourish and protect with anti-oxidant yogurt proteins, and create a smooth finish with organic avocado oils as well.

All the shampoos and conditioners are also sulfate-free, and, with all packaging manufactured from materials containing recycled post-consumer resin, all labels printed using environmentally-friendly inks, and all labels made from annually renewable resource corn, Organix is an eco-friendly purchase as well.

At only $6.99 each, I want to try them all…

Organix Shampoo and Conditioner, $6.99 each,