Organic SPF, the Best Way to Protect


Young skin is in and with the right product you can keep sun-induced wrinkles at bay.

True, baking in the sun, lathered in oil, with aluminum reflectors surrounding your chair from every angle is by no measure a safe or smart choice. Easing up a little on the foiled sun-catchers and a lot on the oil proves to go a long way.

In fact, the “less is more” philosophy defines a pioneering natural skin cream that both protects and preserves. Kumaara, an organic concealing cream with SPF 15, is derived from rare goose, bear, and acai berries — all well known anti-oxidants. This toxin-riding formula also moisturizes and firms the skin, cutting your morning facial routine to (a very necessary) one-step.

Kumaara antioxidant lotion also has a “trend-worthy” matte finish, leaving your skin completely grease free. Say bye-bye to baby oil!

So when matte colors start showing up on hands everywhere, remember Kumaara’s matte cream for your face. Because muted nails may be in for now, but great skin will be in forever.

Kumaara antioxidant protection with SPF 15, $59.95, at

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