Orange Lipstick for Any Skin Tone: How to Wear the Summer’s Hottest Trend

Augusta Falletta
girl applying orange lipstick


As summer really gets into full swing, it seems that everywhere we go, we’re spotting orange. From nail polish to eyeliner to hair color, it’s clear that the bright hue is on trend for the warmer months. Spotted on the runway at DKNY during Fashion Week, bright orange lipstick seamlessly pulled together every summery look, and because it’s available in countless shades, that means every woman can wear orange lipstick this season.

The summer equivalent to winter’s deep wine lip color, orange lips make you an automatic stand out in a crowd of nude lipsticks. With that boldness comes the fear that the citrus shade may be a bit hard to pull off, which is why we put together a guide to finding the perfect orange lipstick for your skin tone below!

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If you’re cool toned: 
Cool skin tones look best with blue or purple undertones, so the orange lipsticks that work best will be a bit richer and deeper. NARS Lipstick in Heat Wave is a semi-matte orange red that packs a punch. For an inexpensive orange lipstick that works wonders on cool skin tones, go with Revlon’s Orange Flip.

If you’re warm toned: 
Warm tones really shine during the summer because they work best with bronzes and oranges, which means that finding an orange lipstick color is incredibly simple. The best route to go? Find a shade with a pink or yellow undertone. Too Faced’s La Crème in Juicy Melons. is a pink coral color that moisturizes your lips all day long. For a more golden orange, try Shiseido’s Perfect Rouge Lipstick in Day Lily.

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To make the orange pop: 
Want your orange lipstick to really stand out? Try this trick: First, apply a layer of a flesh toned lipstick to cover over your natural lip color. Then, with a lipstick brush, apply a layer of the orange lipstick of your choice, making it really pop against your skin.

To get more of a stain: 
For a more subtle stain look, use your finger to apply just a bit of orange lipstick, then blot with a tissue. On hot summer days when you want to wear almost no makeup, this is the best way to give yourself some color without going for a full face of makeup. Keep your lips hydrated with a lip balm, too.