Oral Fixation: Getting white & clean


I take oral care very seriously. Partially because I find nothing more unattractive than a mouth full of yellow teeth, but mainly because I am petrified of the dentist. I’m talking crippling panic attacks when I have a cleaning. As it turns out, my fear of the dentist is just the catalyst I need to get me to take superb care of my teeth.

The first thing people notice about my teeth is how straight they are. Don’t hate me, but I never had braces and I am just lucky to have perfectly straight teeth. The second thing folks will comment on is how white my teeth are. I am constantly asked what kind of treatments I get to have such dazzling teeth. I used to be obsessed with the Crest White Strips. I tried every variation: the ones that you use twice a day, the ones that you only use at night.


Then I discovered Arm & Hammer Advance White toothpaste with Baking Soda & Peroxide. It claims to whiten teeth up to four shades lighter with just one tube. And at around $4.00 a tube, I think that’s a pretty good deal! Now when people ask me what I do to get my teeth so white, I tell them it’s from toothpaste I buy at Wal-mart and they are speechless!

Side note: If you want to take your brushing to the next level, invest in an electric toothbrush. It’s gentler on your gums. I’ve been using various Oral-B models for years.


Of course the sure fire way to avoid painful drilling at the dentist is to floss. Let’s be honest, flossing is a huge pain in the butt, but it’s an effective way to avoid cavities. I have been lucky enough to be blessed with molars that are super close together. This means I need to use floss that is easy to get in and out. I’ve been using Crest Glide Comfort floss for some time now. It has a silky smooth texture that slips easily between your teeth removing the remnants of your dinner and dessert from earlier in the evening.

I’ve always flossed after I brush my teeth, but apparently there are a number of people who floss before they brush. This doesn’t make any sense to me. Why would you floss before? Wouldn’t you rather floss after and get the left over gunk that your toothbrush didn’t reach? If you’re a before flosser let me know. I’d like to understand the rational.

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