Only In My Dreams


So I have a confession to make: I’m a daydreamer. And not just any ordinary daydreamer, I’m a multi-tasking one. I’m engaged in some sort of silly story whether I’m on the subway, the treadmill, in the shower, or doing the crossword. Some of my reoccurring fantasies include my Oscar acceptance speech; running in to Matt Damon and our instantaneous love connection; leaving everything behind and moving to Brazil, and so on and so forth. Now, I don’t really expect any of these to happen (except maybe the Brazil one), so you can imagine my surprise when I read about a new beauty addition to the high-end vending machine trend.

You see, this is an idea that I had a few years back when I found myself on a spontaneous flight to Vegas. Understandably I prefer not to use just any face moisturizer, and so began my imaginary search for La Mer at 12 am. In my faux quest for an acceptable beauty line, I start talking to a handsome new-found millionaire, tell him my idea for a luxurious vending machine that dispenses organic body wash instead of Pepsi, and he decides to fund my idea. As per most of my daydreams, in the process we also fall in love and decide to split our time between some combination of: Montana, Tahiti, San Francisco, Brazil, London, and New York.

Turns out the real-life U*tique is even better than in my imagination. The 29-year-old creator, Mara Segal, collaborated with Rux to create the sleekest looking design and an interactive façade. An easy-to-maneuver touch screen offers brand profiles as well as product ingredient lists and even video demonstrations. The selection of goods inside can be tailored to fit a location, examples of products offered include Malin + Goetz, Clark’s Botanicals, MD Skincare, and Smashbox cosmetics. The machines will debut in Fred Segal in January and over the next two years Segal plans on installing them in boutique hotel lobbies, swanky gym locker rooms, nightclub lounges, premium shopping malls and airports. I’m hoping she’s going to be adding casinos to that list as well.