The One Vitamin You Need For Gorgeous Hair

Shannon Farrell
Photo: Bogdan Dumitrescu/Moment/Getty Images

Photo: Bogdan Dumitrescu/Moment/Getty Images

Our hair routines have evolved greatly in the past few years: Whereas once we only thought about what we applied topically, we now have a better understanding of how what we put into our bodies also affects our hair. Our scalps are, after all, skin. If there’s one dietary addition you focus on this year for optimal hair health, let it be your omega-3s. Dermatologist and scalp expert Dr. Francesca Fusco explains why.

“These [omega-3] acids are required for normal human metabolism,” says Dr. Fusco. “They are an important component of scalp skin. A deficiency can lead to scalp and hair problems like dryness and hair shedding.” When consumed daily, they promote circulation to the scalp, thereby increasing shine, elasticity, and strength to each strand.

“Since omega-3s comprise about 3-percent of the hair shaft and are present in scalp cell membranes, ingesting [them] provides the body with some of the building blocks to healthy skin and hair,” says Dr. Fusco. However, brands are also adding the vitamin to their shampoo formulations because of its additional topical benefits. “Topically, they maintain a hydrated scalp and make hair resilient to daily damage incurred by weather, cold, low humidity, and heating tools,” she adds.

Start here: Clear Scalp & Hair’s new formula, Active Damage Resist Shampoo, not only helps to revive damaged locks, but it includes an omega complex, too. “The omega 3-6-9 complex is a blend of unsaturated fatty acids contained in the formulation that are known to benefit skin health and appearance,” Dr. Fusco confirms. The complex also has a blend of coconut oil, soybean oil, sunflower seed oil and sweet almond oil—all ensuring that the scalp and hair are fully hydrated with high shine. Go snag the affordable and hugely beneficial formula at your local drugstore, then follow it up with a visit to the health food store to invest in the supplement in pill form. That was easy!

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