How to Get Shay Mitchell’s Ombre Hair For Summer

Augusta Falletta

shay mitchell ombre blonde hair

Shay Mitchell of “Pretty Little Liars” just went blonde for summer! The star took to Instagram to show off her new ombre highlights (above), switching things up from her usual dark brunette look. Of course, we wanted to know how to get Shay’s new hair color for ourselves (who wouldn’t want this?), so we went straight to the source. Celebrity hairstylist George Papanikolas, who is also responsible for coloring the hair of Khloe Kardashian Odom and Miranda Kerr, told us how he went about giving Shay her new look. Read on below!

“To get the look, I would do a two-step process,” George tells us. “First do balayage highlights, that are directly hand painted to the root area and around the face. They tend to look softer and more natural than traditional foil highlights. Lift those to a honey blonde. Then, back-comb a few large pieces and highlight the ends to get the ombre effect with the lighter ends. Back-combing the hair before you highlight diffuses the highlights so that they don’t look like they’ve been dipped in bleach. The chunky pieces are a great way for brunettes to get an instant pop of lightness. The key to making the chunky highlights look modern is by being more fine at the root, gradually getting thicker and heavier towards the mid-shaft and ends. This gives the chunky highlights a seamless graduation of color. Usually when brunettes try to go lighter, it can look brassy, and usually doesn’t complement darker skin. But, by keeping more depth in the root area, you get more flattering tones for darker complexions like Shay’s.  It also keeps retouches to every 3-4 months, which is how long you want to go with highlights.”

Image via Instagram

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