The Weird Eyebrow Trend That’s About to Take Over Instagram

The Weird Eyebrow Trend That’s About to Take Over Instagram
Photo: ImaxTree

It seems like every few months, some new, crazy hair trend takes over social media, infiltrating every single one of your followers and newsfeeds until it feels like you’re practically the only person not in on the fun (ahem, blinged-out brows, blue mascara, glow-in-the-dark hair…). Welp, the trends still continue, but this time, they’re taking over your eyebrows in the form of purple-y pink ombré.

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Hey, not all trends are wearable and do-able IRL, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t insanely mesmerizing to look at. And apparently we’re not alone in this sentiment, since this colored eyebrow tutorial from Refinery29 has been blowing up across the internet this week, which means it’s about to destroy your Instagram.

Gorgeous right? In case you couldn’t break it down based on the video, here’s how they got the look: They brushed white cream eyeshadow over each brow to create a neutral base, then, with a concealer brush, they painted the tail of each brow with violet cream shadow, before shading in the middle of the brow with a fuchsia cream shadow. On the inner edges of the brows, a pale-purple shadow was brushed across the hairs to complete the ombré effect.

Luckily, this isn’t a permanent dye job—you can wash the color off at the end of the night without worrying what you’ll tell your boss on Monday. And though we know only a small percentage of you will actually try this brow trend out on yourself, we hope you’ll at least take a really excellent Instagram pic for the sake of a zillion likes.

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