Olympics Closing Ceremony: Inside the Supermodel Beauty Looks

Rachel Adler

Last night’s Olympics Closing Ceremony has been a much-discussed topic for weeks. As we’ve been speculating if the Spice Girls comeback would actually happen and waiting with bated breath to see who else would be making an appearance (turns out Jessie J, Russell Brand, George Michael and Fatboy Slim really were confirmed) we couldn’t have possibly imagined the explosion of talent that did take place. As the athletes celebrated their models, we watched in awe as some of the most famous Brit supermodels of all took to the stage wearing designs such as Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen and Burberry.

But apparently, as fun as the girls were on stage to watch, they were having just as much fun backstage getting glammed up with with makeup artist Val Garland and hairstylist Sam McKnight. Talking to Vogue UK, McKnight noted that the backstage area was like a big reunion. “The more experienced models like Kate and Naomi are really lovely to the younger girls — they mother them a bit actually, it’s sweet. There were no separate dressing rooms or anything like that, everyone got on really well.”

The final looks garnered as much attention as the fabulously famous models themselves. Lucinda Chambers, Vogue’s fashion director, wanted to represent each model’s personal style with their looks for the shoot (since they shot the models as well as featured them in the ceremony). “Karen and Georgia had a kind of Seventies/Forties look, whilst Kate and Lily [Donaldson] were more wild and bohemian,” explained McKnight. “We spent ages cutting Stella’s hair, making it choppy and cool, and since Lily [Cole] had cut her hair I felt it would be best to put it up so it felt a little sexier. Naomi and Jourdan looked great with their hair along and straight, as they both wore headpieces. Plus the hair had to have a natural movability – nobody knew how windy it would be out there.”

Val Garland echoed McKnight’s sentiment regarding each girl’s individual look. “The beauty look for each girl was different — all of them were treated as individuals and made to look their very best. The brief from Lucinda Chambers was to make them feel special, to make them look gorgeous and to bring out the best in them, and they all looked wonderful.”

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