We Look Through the Clips, Scrunchies, and Glitter that Help an Olympic Gymnast Win

As the Olympics quickly get under way, we at Beauty High also have quickly become infatuated with watching our favorite athletes (and of course absorbing their unique style). The glitz and the glamour associated with the world of gymnastics (and yes, it’s a completely different world) may not be what we would wear day-to-day, but it’s worth taking note of — because clearly we can’t tear our eyes away from it over the next few weeks. Whether it be an athlete from the USA, England, or China, there are certain aspects of their beauty regimens that remain constant: clips, scrunchies, and glitter.

Each team has their own so-called prototype for not only the outfits they wear, but also how each girl’s hair and makeup is done.  Brazil’s gymnasts wore slicked back hair with a top knot (how trendy!) and a plum scrunchie around the base.  Several teams wore the ever-so-stylish scrunchie in a variety of colors and fabrics; however, Columbia was the only team to opt for a bow at the base of their ponytails. Kudos for branching out, Columbia!

One aspect of almost every gymnast’s hair that practically overshadowed the scrunchies was the amount of clips that were superglued to their heads.  In an assortment of colors and sizes, middle school-esque clips sprinkled the heads of gymnasts alike. The last thing these girls want is a flyaway to mess up their once in a lifetime performance.

Of course we cannot go without mentioning the amount of makeup that every gymnast at the London Olympics was sporting. Glitter, dark eye shadow, bright lips, glitter, rosy cheeks, and more glitter was seen on every member of each team. At the end of the day, we must admit that the gymnasts seen at the 2012 Olympics were looking better than ever.