Olympic Beauties: The USA Synchronized Swim Team Chat Hair Care Secrets

Danielle Pistono

usa synchro1 Olympic Beauties: The USA Synchronized Swim Team Chat Hair Care SecretsThe London 2012 Olympics are right around the corner and athletes from all over the world are preparing in all sorts of ways. The USA synchronized swim team are busy training eight hours a day, six days a week to get ready for the games across the pond. We were able to sit down (or actually, stand, we don’t think these girls ever sit) with Mary Killman, Leah Pinette and Caitlin Stewart, who are representing the team in London this summer, to find out how they manage to look flawless even when they are splashing around during performances.

Synchronized swimming was not recognized as an official Olympic sport until 1984, although it was first shown to the world at the 1952 Olympic games. Originally there were only solo and duet competitions featured; eventually, solo was phased out and replaced by the team competition. At the 2012 Olympics, Mary Killman and Mariya Koroleva will be representing the USA team with a duet performance.

Having to wear a full face of makeup while swimming is not something most people worry about, but for Mary, Leah and Caitlin, this is something they think about on a daily basis as they need a full-face of “paint” to compete. A tip that they shared was to put chapstick under makeup to help it stay and stand out, so now you don’t have to be jealous of their makeup staying power — it’s actually all in the chapstick (and layering)! They also noted that the chlorine takes a harsh toll on their eyebrows and body hair, so Leah (a natural blonde) said that she typically has to  fill them in with powder and when competing she will use dark brow pencils to make them stand out.

As for protecting their hair, the girls recommend putting leave-in treatments in their hair before going in the water. Infusium 23, the official sponsor of the USA Synchronized Swimming Team, offers hair treatments that fit any hair problem you may be having. The match up has been excellent for the team, especially since all those hours in the water can do some serious damage to your hair. For performances, the swimmers have yet another trick up their sleeves — they use unflavored cooking gelatin in their hair. This gives them the shine they need to stick out during the competitions, and luckily it washes out after…

Tune in Sunday, August 5th and Monday, August 6th to see the duet compete during the qualification routines. The final round takes place August 7th.

[Image via usasynchro.org]

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