Hair Crush: Olivia Wilde Does Ombré Right

Olivia Wilde

Photos: Getty Images

If you ask any beauty editor the top trend she hopes to not see in 2014, it’s ombré. For years, it’s been the number one hair color request at salons, and yeah, we get it. It’s easy to maintain—no roots, no hassle, right?—but two-toned hair doesn’t look natural and can even come off looking tacky. Only when blended softly from one color to the next does it actually work. Just look at Olivia Wilde. It’s impossible not to admit how great it looks on her. Yes, I admit it.

Olivia was meant to rock ombré. She’s been both brunette and blonde, but her light eyes really pop with a darker hue. Subtly moving into lighter tips is the best option as they also keep her from looking too pale.

When heading to the salon, the best way to keep the look natural is to request balayage on the ends and around the face. This creates a more sun-kissed finish, allowing the colorist to paint the highlights where the sun would actually hit the hair. And take into account how Olivia’s hair isn’t just lightened right at the tip. The highlights start up by the root very lightly, working their way down and getting thicker. This protects the ends from getting dry and brittle.

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