Olivia Wilde’s Newest Tattoo Is Mystical and Heartwarming

Olivia Wilde’s Newest Tattoo Is Mystical and Heartwarming
Photo: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images.

When it’s hot, and we mean can’t-even-sleep-with-a-sheet-on-kind-of-hot, most of us run to the freezer, grab all the ice cubes and throw them into the bath for a little reprieve. But when you’re a superstar like Olivia Wilde, you don’t do what “most of us” do. Instead, you get a tattoo that looks badass, feminine, and magical all in one.

The 34-year-old actress just posted a photo of her new ink on Instagram with the caption, “Heatwave activities include…” And although we don’t run to the tattoo parlor every time a little heat comes our way, this one is pretty damn cool (yes, pun intended). The hazy grey and black ink forms what appears to be a star chart or constellation map on Wilde’s right forearm.

Since Wilde ended her caption with, “For my little o,” we’re taking a hard gamble and assuming this is for her son Otis, who just celebrated his fourth birthday in April. Our best bet is the night of his birth— while she and husband, actor Jason Sudeikis, danced at Webster Hall in Manhattan at a Jon Batiste show— this is what the stars looked like above.

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As for the technical work, she couldn’t have chosen anyone better than Dr. Woo, known for his constellation compositions and nighttime elements, for the mystical design. He consistently has a soft hand and even though the tattoo is large, it seems delicate and subtle.

Wilde’s not inexperienced when it comes to commemorative, delicate tattoos, though. She has a  message— all love, A— from her late Uncle on her left forearm, which now sits opposite her tattoo for Otis.

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We’re all about this cute and meaningful tattoo. You can never go wrong with a little (or a lot) sentimental ink.