Why Olivia Wilde Considers Her Skin Care Routine a ‘Political Act’

Why Olivia Wilde Considers Her Skin Care Routine a ‘Political Act’
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Basic skin care tips are so last year. And if you need confirmation, look no further than Olivia Wilde, who just schooled us on the not-so-obvious reasons to adopt an environmentally-friendly routine. As it turns out, the 33-year-old, known for her work in television and film, is also quite the cruelty-free expert. In a recent profile with The New York Times, she laid bare her entire skin care routine, which includes plenty of True Botanicals, a woman-owned beauty brand for which she serves as brand ambassador.

Without a doubt, using healthy finds made with certified-organic and wildly-harvested ingredients is great for our skin. But beyond that, the mother of two considers her low-key approach to beauty a “political act,” especially in a time where things like health coverage and environmental research are being compromised by the government.


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In an Instagram post directly followers to the feature, she explained just how important is was that she highlight the virtues of all-natural skin care.

“Standing up for our health, and the environment, and the animals typically used to test, is a political act,” Wilde wrote. “I mean, so is recycling and not buying tabloids, you feel me? The choices are ours. We deserve better. Not to mention, this is a female-founded, owned, and operated company. Can I get a hell yea?”

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The beauty industry is certainly leading the charge in creating products for and by women. And with more adopting eco-friendly policies, we can only hope that Olivia’s war cry for others to make conscious skin care choices won’t go in vain.

We’re with you, sister!