Olivia Munn’s Secret to Looking Young: Potatoes

Emily Kanoff

It’s well known that celebrities will go to great lengths to keep their skin in tip-top shape (paging Kim Kardashian’s blood facialist!) but one celeb is going the… tastier route! Enter: Olivia Munn’s Anti-Aging Potato Recipe.

olivia munn anti aging trick

Photo: Getty Images

As part of her guest-editing responsibilities over at InStyle.com, “The Newsroom” star is sharing several beauty tricks that are actually super easy and cheap—great for us non-celebs that might not have access to Hollywood-quality miracle workers.

So about those potatoes…

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As a way to pump her body with hyaluronic acid—a naturally occurring carbohydrate that diminishes in production as we age—Olivia started eating special Japanese potatoes that are super high in hyaluronan. The extra hydration moisturizes the skin and keeps it tight and in place. Pass the natural anti-aging plate please!

The recipe for these magical potatoes has just two additional ingredients (olive oil and cinnamon) so they won’t break the bank or keep you in the kitchen for hours on end. Check out the recipe here (and, maybe, start to rethink all those expensive anti-aging creams you have on your nightstand.)

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Do you have any natural remedies you use to keep yourself looking amazing? Share ’em in the comments!