Olivia Munn Reports on Whether Apple Cider Vinegar Really Flattens Your Tummy

Olivia Munn Reports on Whether Apple Cider Vinegar Really Flattens Your Tummy
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As a red carpet veteran, Olivia Munn knows a lot goes into looking camera-ready on the big day. So when the 37-year-old actress was prepping for the 2018 SAG Awards on Sunday night, she decided to test out a trick that she heard would help her slim down overnight: taking shots of apple cider vinegar.

The “X-Men: Apocalypse” star spilled her tip in an interview with E! News, where she revealed that she drank two shots of apple cider vinegar in the morning and night for a few days before hitting the red carpet. “I started doing [apple cider vinegar] in the morning and the night because they say it’s supposed to help you slim down,” Munn said.

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Though there’s ample scientific evidence that proves that acetic acid, a compound found in apple cider vinegar, can help control blood sugar (and affect weight loss over time), there’s little to no proof that ACV is a fast and easy weight-loss ingredient—something Munn quickly learned. “I eat rocky road late at night and I think if I take an apple cider vinegar shot, it [balances me out]. It doesn’t,” Munn said.

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While ACV has tons of proven health benefits, including strengthening your hair and detoxifying your mouth, we do not recommend using as an instant weight-loss tool—something we’re pretty sure doesn’t exist no matter how hard you look.

Instead, we recommend taking a cue from Munn and accepting your body for the way it is. “I tell myself, ‘Eh. It’s fine. I’m an actress. I’m not a model,'” Munn said. “I’m supposed to look more relatable.”