This Nail Polish Kit Features a Pink ‘Nailfie’ Station for Instagram

Elizabeth Denton
This Nail Polish Kit Features a Pink ‘Nailfie’ Station for Instagram
Photo: Imaxtree.

If you look in my Instagram’s saved posts, 90 percent of them are nails. That’s not because I’m constantly at the salon or even keeping my tips on point (ugh, you should see them now) I just love gathering inspo from creative folks on the Internet. Even if most of the manis are light pink with tiny crystals—my current obsession—I still can’t get enough. Now the Olive & June Studio Box is making it super-easy for me to actually create nail content. So easy, I might even be able to do it myself.

The kit comes courtesy of Sarah Gibson Tuttle, CEO and Founder of Olive & June, the chic Los Angeles-based nail salon that brought you those adorable nail stickers. She wants to encourage everyone to create a perfect manicure at home and this box is a step in that direction. It includes everything you need to make a little nail salon right at your kitchen table. Inside you’ll find some must-have essentials, including straight-edge nail clippers, a nail file, buffer and clean-up brush. There’s also a nail polish remover pot and cuticle hydration serum for soft clean nails.

If you’ve been hearing about the Poppy Handle, that new tool is in here, as well. If you’re not familiar, it’s this polish bottle handle that helps keep your hands steady and makes painting your nails faster and cleaner. You’ll also get a travel pouch for manis on the go, a nail painting guide and a manicure placemat to easily clean up any messes.

olive and june u box

Image: Olive & June.

One of the coolest parts of the Studio Box is the way the actual box becomes a phone stand, both vertically (shown below) and horizontally. You can record yourself creating nail art for IGTV, take close-up nailfies (nail selfies) hands-free and even just FaceTime a friend when you get bored.

olive and june u box stand

Image: Olive & June.

Shop the Olive & June Studio Box for $50 on Olive & June’s website.