Real Bride Makeover: Old Hollywood-Inspired Beauty


Photo: Tom Mendes

This wedding season, we’re transforming real-life brides-to-be as part of our Real Girl Makeover series.  Our latest subject is Dana, who wants an Old Hollywood inspired beauty look for her wedding. 

Who wasn’t blown away by Blake Lively’s Met Gala look this year? Dana loved Lively’s look so much that it inspired the hairstyle for her wedding. “It has been difficult getting the perfect look for what I pictured. I was never comfortable. I came across Blake’s picture from the Met Gala this year and thought she looked absolutely breathtaking, and I knew that was what I wanted. I really think they achieved this look for me, I was so happy,” Dana explains.

Dana is also looking to impress a certain someone, “I think my husband will love this look. I never told him what look I was going for (I obviously want it to be a surprise), but he always says he pictures me with an old Hollywood look. I can’t wait.”

Even though Blake was the inspiration, hair stylist Megan O’Reilly of Pierre Michel put her own personal spin on the look. “The original look she showed me had a bit of a costume feel. It was a very period piece in a way. It had a little bit too much of a time stamp on it, so we made it more modern,” O’Reilly explains.


Photo: Tom Mendes

“The look was very Hollywood glam with soft curls and a side-swept part. To get it, we used a one-inch curling iron and we wrapped it around like a wand. You do not clamp—you wrap it around,” O’Reilly advises. “I used a setting lotion on each section that I curled, and then I sprayed with a very light hold hairspray. To finish, I put a little of a ISO Spray Wax on my hands to make it look neater and cleaner to get rid of flyaways.”

For Dana’s beauty look, we started off with Olay Regenerist Luminous Tone Perfecting Cream ($23.94, and Olay Regenerist Luminous Dark Circle Correcting Hydraswirl ($23.99, to help brighten her skin for the big day. Repeated use of the Olay Regenerist Luminous line will help ensure a bright, even skin tone and a smooth, reflective complexion. Makeup artist Catherine Pena kept the makeup very natural. “I put foundation that was close to her skin tone all over, and then I used another foundation that was three shades darker and underlined her cheekbones and jaw line with it,” Pena says.


Photo: Tom Mendes

To match Dana’s skin tone perfectly, Pena mixed Face Ageless Foundation ($36.00, in Nude and Oyster.  Then she contoured with Face Picture Perfect Foundation ($48.00, in Shade N. Pena advises to not go overboard on the foundation. “Use very neutral tones, so it just looks flawless.”

On the lips, Pena traced the lip with Face Lipliner ($17.00, in Petra and then applied Face Lipstick ($22.00, in Fantasy. To give the lips some sheen, Face Pot Gloss ($19.00, in Alert was lightly applied.  Throughout this whole process it was important to enhance but not mask Dana’s natural beauty.  And there you have it, the final look was one that could easily be found on the red carpet.


Photo: Tom Mendes


Photos: Tom Mendes (

Hair: Megan O’Reilly 

Makeup: Catherine Pena

Dana wears: Melissa Sweet Tulle Gown with Illusion Neck and Lace Appliques (

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