4 Ways to Resurrect Every Type of Eyeliner

Alle Connell
cat eye liner

Photo: IMaxTree

Every beauty junkie knows the heartache of an amazing eyeliner that’s dried up before its time. Fortunately, eyeliner is seldom completely dead—as in The Princess Bride, it’s only mostly dead, and you don’t need to be Miracle Max to bring your beloved liner back to life. Here are four brilliant ways to resurrect every type of eyeliner.

Gel liner.
We love the soft, creamy lines that only gel liners can create—but we hate the way that the little pots dry out as soon as they’re exposed to air. To remedy, put a few drops of your favorite non-scented oil in the palm of your hand. Dip your liner brush into the oil, then work it around in the gel liner. Close the jar tightly, and in five minutes your gel will be completely restored to its former glory.

Bonus tip: Our favorite oil to use for this is coconut—Olive oil has a great consistency, but it can be so strongly scented that it makes our eyes water. Pass.

Cream liner.
Cream liners can be tricky. Because of their consistency, it can be hard to bring them back from the brink of drying-out death without compromising the color or finish. But we found a way: add a drop or two of heavy, unscented body moisturizer to the container and mix with your liner brush. This isn’t a permanent measure—you’ll likely have to repeat this process every few weeks—but it will definitely extend the lifespan of your cream eyeliner.

Bonus tip: For cream eyeshadows (which have a fluffier texture), use a drop or two of oil-based makeup remover.

Liquid liner.
There is nothing more sad than dried out liquid eyeliner, but it’s not the end of the world. First, make sure that your applicator isn’t actually the problem by rinsing it thoroughly with contact lens solution. Next, add a couple of drops of alcohol-based makeup remover in to the liquid liner, then either shake or stir it well, and voila! Wear your cat eyes in good health.

Bonus tip: If you find that the solution is a little too diluted, it probably means the makeup remover hasn’t properly mixed with the liner yet—shake or stir even more to combine them better.

Bonus tip #2: This also works on dried-out mascara, too!

Pencil liner.
If a simple sharpening doesn’t work to restore your pencil liner to its former glory, it’s likely because the product has dried out inside the stick. The best way around this? Using a hairdryer. Hold the pencil about a foot away from the blowdryer’s nozzle, and move the dryer back and forth along the length of the pencil. This will consistently warm the product and melt it just a little; in about thirty seconds, your pencil liner will be as good as new.

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