The 5 Best DIY Face Masks to Fix Oily Skin Fast

The 5 Best DIY Face Masks to Fix Oily Skin Fast
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Ready for some real talk? Too bad—it’s here: No matter how many heavy-duty mattifying lotions or oil-sucking cleansers you buy, you won’t find a miracle remedy for your oily skin. Sorry, but your shiny T-zone and oily complexion are most likely routed in issues that can’t necessarily be solved by beauty products, like in hormones, seasonal changes (lookin’ at you, summer), and everyone’s favorite, your good ol’ DNA. But since we hate being the bearer of bad news, we’re here to offer you a surprisingly positive upshot: We’ve discovered some seriously good DIY face masks that not only (temporarily) mitigate your excess oil, but are also mad fun and easy to make.

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No, really; even if you’ve tried every damn oil-eliminating product on the market and have somehow been left with an oilier, irritated, or dehydrated face (which is totally common in crappy oil-reducing products), you can rest assured that these DIYs are so calming, gentle, and effective that they’re suitable for any oily skin type.  ‘Cause with hella-absorbent ingredients like egg whites and honey (which you most definitely have lying around your kitchen), these simple masks will offer your sweaty, summer skin some much-needed relief. Ahead, our five favorite oily skin face masks, along with easy tutorial breakdowns that even your grandma could follow (no offense, Grandma).

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Honey + Brown Sugar

One of the most common mistakes in reducing excess oil is using a bunch of alcohol-laden products that dry out your skin, which, in turn, causes your face to overproduce more oil to compensate. That’s where the antibacterial and antiseptic honey comes in—it gently absorbs oil while its humectant properties keep your skin moisturized. And, when combined with gently exfoliating brown sugar, you’ve got a freakishly good mask that’s guaranteed to keep oil at bay.

Orange + Yogurt + Honey

Vitamin-C loaded oranges not only increase collagen production (peace out, fine lines and wrinkles), but actively fight free radicals while controlling oil. And don’t freak—the acidic levels of the citrus are balanced by the hefty dose of skin-soothing yogurt.


Banana + Honey

Bananas are a serious godsend for oily skin, since their gentle exfoliating properties actually remove gunk and oil from the skin’s surface without compromising your skin barrier. And when mashed with honey, this two-ingredient face mask leaves skin looking noticeably glowing.


Aloe Vera + Honey

Lest you think that aloe vera is just for bad sunburns, know that its anti-inflammatory properties also work wonders on irritated skin and zits, while its natural astringent properties make for an oil-absorbing all star. While you probably don’t have an aloe vera leaf chilling in your pantry at the moment, this DIY is so soothing and cleansing that it’s worth heading to the grocery store for.


Egg White +  Cucumber + Mint

Sounds weird, but the vitamins and proteins found in egg whites also make it a super effective (albeit temporary) oil-eliminating ingredient. And when you combine it with vitamin C and antioxidant-rich cucumber and mint, you’ll be left with noticeably smoother skin, too. Win win, right?

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